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Sen. Warren proves herself unworthy of the presidency

January 25, 2020 | Article Review | 0 Comments

PE Bias Grade : B-

[Warren Report #24-2020] The Boston Globe's Warren Report series moves to the Metro section today, where Warren says that she supports potential te.... Read more

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Public Editor – MA is focused on improving media in Massachusetts and New England by providing media criticism and feedback on bias in reporting and lack of balance in editorial opinions. Journalism must strive to present its news completely free of bias, so that the public has confidence and continues to support the industry’s important role in society. Read More…

Boston Globe’s short memory

January 25, 2020 | Article Review | 0 Comments

PE Bias Grade : D

The Boston Globe rises to the defense of the poor Iranian student who just wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of possibly committing jihad in the Uni.... Read more

Impeachment underway

January 24, 2020 | Article Review | 0 Comments

PE Bias Grade : B+

The impeachment trial in the Senate is beginning, and the House managers with their Senate ally, Chuck Schumer, argue that new witnesses and evidence .... Read more

Warren furthers sexism argument, then goes for spoiler argument

January 24, 2020 | Article Review | 0 Comments

PE Bias Grade : C-

[Warren Report #22-2020] The Boston Globe must have its collective heads spinning, trying to keep up with Elizabeth Warren's constantly changing st.... Read more

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Editorial Reviews

Mr. Sanctimonious

January 20, 2020 | Editorial Review

PE Bias Grade : N/A

Scot Lehigh is one of the Boston Globe's most sanctimonious opinion writers. He has a moderately Liberal position on most topics but often pretends to be an objective guy who very reasonably reaches his conclusion that the Liberal position is correct.... Read more

The real problem

January 11, 2020 | Editorial Review

PE Bias Grade : N/A

This Editorial Opinion column purports to show a gender gap between the highest paid state workers. It does, but the real news is the “public service” salaries themselves. Did you know that some are making over $1 million a year? "It gets wors.... Read more

Voters Reject Judges making laws (repost)

January 3, 2020 | Editorial Review

PE Bias Grade : N/A

(This is a repost of a previous post in order to comply with Facebook standards.) The Boston Globe editorial laments that “elections have consequences” but doesn’t seem to understand what that means. The Globe thinks that means something lik.... Read more

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Article Reviews

Globe thinks “sheriffs” are racist

January 23, 2020 | Article Review

PE Bias Grade : F

The Boston Globe runs constant stories about racism in America. This topic comes up almost every time Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is featured, which happened a couple of days ago on MLK day, or whenever Globe Op-Ed columnist Renee Graham publishes .... Read more

Boston Globe acts like the judge

January 23, 2020 | Article Review

PE Bias Grade : C

The Boston Globe running a biased New York Times impeachment update is acting like a judge rather than allowing the lawyers on each side to make their case. The Globe is editorializing about the facts presented in order to give favor to the Democrats.... Read more

Pesky gaps

January 21, 2020 | Article Review

PE Bias Grade : D

This Boston Globe article sounds like the case against Trump is so strong, but because of Trump’s refusal to cooperate in his guilty verdict, there are gaps. It is riddled with gaps! The record of Trump’s guilt is not complete but it will be if w.... Read more

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Investigative Journalism

Boston Globe sounds false alarm on abortion access

January 8, 2020 | Article Review, Investigative Journalism

PE Bias Grade : C

The Boston Globe published a story about an abortion clinic in Brookline that is in financial distress. The article seems to suggest that readers who are concerned about having legal access to abortions should contribute to this organization because .... Read more

Sowing distrust

January 6, 2020 | Article Review, Investigative Journalism

PE Bias Grade : C

Killing a foreign government official is risky, even if the official is part of a rogue regime, supports international terrorism, and is a terrorist himself. But when he directs attacks on Americans at the American embassy in Baghdad, reminiscent of .... Read more

Selective amnesia

December 24, 2019 | Article Review, Investigative Journalism

PE Bias Grade : F

Candidate debates are not required. They are agreements between candidates and some theoretically neutral organizations. On a local level, the organizers are usually groups like the League of Women voters. Anyone who is involved with local elections .... Read more

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Media Criticism

A great reason to keep cars

January 10, 2020 | Media Criticism

PE Bias Grade : N/A

I was reading my favorite newspaper this morning (WSJ) and came across this article, an update on the French transportation strike. This story has also been covered in the Boston Globe, and it is pretty big news. President Macron of France is tryi.... Read more

Impeachment imbalance

December 26, 2019 | Media Criticism

PE Bias Grade : N/A

The Boston Globe is enjoying covering the impeachment of Republican President Donald Trump. They have wanted this day since before he was inaugurated. They even published a "fake news" cover predicting dire warnings if Trump was elected. They are par.... Read more

Boston Globe switches to “rival”

December 24, 2019 | Media Criticism, Article Review

PE Bias Grade : A

I want to note that the 12-18-19 Boston Globe article on impeachment switched from describing Trump's actions to allegedly affect the 2020 vote against his "rivals" (plural) was switched in today's article to be accurate. The underlying article was w.... Read more

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