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About Public Editor – Massachusetts

Our Mission

Public Editor – MA is focused on improving media in Massachusetts and New England by providing media criticism and feedback on bias in reporting and lack of balance in editorial opinions. Journalism must strive to present its news completely free of bias, so that the public has confidence and continues to support the industry’s important role in society. The principles of journalism are twisted when reporters, their editors, and their owners allow bias to continue. Public Editor’s goal is to bring this bias to the attention of the journalists and the public, with the hope that this constructive criticism will lead to changes in policy and ethics to restore confidence in the profession and solidify the importance of independent, journalistically sound media in today’s fractured media landscape. We want to bring readers and viewers they have lost back to the print and broadcast news media. These losses have been due to, at least in part, the media’s active participation in our political process rather than their proper role, as disinterested observers.

While we aim to offer criticism and analysis, we do not seek to tear down news organizations; instead, we hope to improve them so their audience returns and their work is once again trusted by the public. We hope to offer a public accountability for the work of this critical component of a working democracy.

We are looking for your ideas and your help. Those with journalistic experience are welcomed to volunteer as media critics and help guide what we hope to be a public discussion of the role of journalism and the importance of impartiality. Visit our main website at http://www.PublicEditorPress.com for more information on how to get involved with Public Editor.

What We Do

Public Editor (MA) is focused on New England’s largest daily newspaper, The Boston Globe (BG), although it may cover other daily or weekly papers as events and time permits.

We welcome readers and contributors in a variety of ways, some of which will be developed as our site and mission progresses. First, we invite everyone to subscribe to the Boston Globe, because we need journalism in our society…but only if it is practiced right. So subscribe, and participate in reforming the Boston Globe so that it is doing the job it should be doing.

As a subscriber, you can read articles we review and post your comments. Specific articles can also be rated by you so that feedback is given to the BG both from the Public Editor and from its readers. This ensures that, over time, it isn’t just the PE Publisher or its writers who are providing feedback, but the entire BG community.

For those who have stronger feelings, more time to get involved, or a background in journalism, consider becoming a contributor. We will appoint Assistant Public Editors to help us critique the BG and other major newspapers in the market. Those out-of-state may be appointed Associate Public Editors and create the original content for the large daily papers in their markets.

Any feedback you wish to provide can be emailed to the Publisher. Our current email is [email protected].

Allen Nitschelm
Public Editor Press President
Public Editor (MA) Publisher

Allen NitschelmPublisher

Allen Nitschelm lives in Acton, MA. He graduated in 1983 with a B.A. in English from the University of Rochester and worked in marketing and advertising for several years while publishing a franchised edition of a newspaper for the bingo industry in Massachusetts. In 1989, he started The Homesteader, which was mailed to new homeowners in 10 towns in the Framingham, MA area. Over time, the network of papers grew to eight company-owned editions covering most of Eastern MA and about 30 franchised editions around the country. Most of the editions stopped publishing during the decline of local newspaper advertising until just three local editions remained. The papers were sold in 2018.

In 2007, Allen and some conservative friends started Acton Forum which publishes blog posts and occasional articles on breaking news and events, including some investigative reporting articles on local school and town issues in Acton, MA. Allen now spends little time with Acton Forum, instead focusing on several other interests and hobbies, while spending time reading and writing articles for Public Editor MA.

On this site, Allen is acting as an “opinion journalist” when he writes articles. Some have suggested that reviewing the work of the Boston Globe should itself be free of bias, but that isn’t the role of “opinion journalists,” that is only the role of “news journalists.” Since the Boston Globe publishes news, it has made a promise to readers that its news content should be free of bias. No such promise is made, expected, or required of opinion journalists. Allen grades “news articles” for bias but does not issue grades on other articles like opinion pieces published by the Boston Globe.

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