According to the Boston Globe, only the “far right” riots

According to the Boston Globe, only the “far right” riots

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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 18, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Portland police declare riot, push demonstrators outside
Date 08/17/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A9 )
Syndicated From Associated Press
Journalist Unsigned Associated Press
Article Summary

Left-wingers riot, but the Boston Globe only uses “far-right” when describing any rioters.

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Many of the “Black Lives Matter” protests were peaceful, but in some large cities, these demonstrators have been taken over by anarchists and Antifa activists who have used violence against innocent bystanders and especially against the police.

These anarchists are mostly Left wing, and Antifa, despite its name, is a fascist organization. I believe it has also been called a terrorist organization by the Justice Department. (Verified, check out this link:

Most people on the Right do not protest. It just isn’t in the DNA of most Conservatives. We prefer to do our own thing and be left alone by government, and we are not demonstrating for more government services and support like the Left does. We tend to be more self-sufficient.

So it may be news when a Right-wing group of protesters clashes with a larger Left-wing group, but today’s article only identifies the “Far-Right” protesters in Portland and counts them at 30. This is compared to hundreds of Left-wing thugs who are injuring officers, lighting fires, destroying property, etc. The article never identifies who is behind most of the violent protests, beating, and looting.

The Boston Globe seems deathly afraid of calling out the fascist thugs that are ruining our cities and demoralizing our police officers with their lies about our “justice system” being “racist, front to back” (I believe I am quoting Elizabeth Warren accurately there, but all the Leftists believe this.)

This reminds me of how the Left was afraid of calling out China for allowing the Coronavirus to spread. That was racist. And how it is racist to call radical Muslim terrorists by that affiliation. Islam is a religion of peace, except when it isn’t.

Is American media blind to the Left’s violent agenda, or do they just support it so they stay quiet and downplay its Democratic Party roots? Or maybe the media is afraid that they will be targeted next by Antifa if they don’t toe the line?

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