Another day, another negative story

Another day, another negative story

PE Bias Grade : C

By: Allen Nitschelm on April 9, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Another day, another ‘acting’ Cabinet secretary
Date 04/09/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A2 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Michael Tackett
Article Summary

Summary of all the “threats” Trump has broken.

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Today’s example of unbiased journalism is the article detailing the termination of Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen, who evidently wasn’t tough enough at the border for President Trump during the unprecedented invasion of our Southern border by Central American migrants.

Trump governs like a CEO, not like a politician, and it is disquieting to the normal way Washington “works.” This is covered by the press as disorganization and disarray. The Democrats whom the press interviews are happy to confirm this, which is just another reason to vote for the Democratic Socialist in 2020.

Trump should be pressured to name permanent heads of these agencies, but perhaps the long confirmation process, delayed by Democrats purposely stalling, have made confirmation less of a priority. But recently, it was reported that Senate Majority Leader McConnell had changed the length of debate from 30 hours to two, and if this applies to confirmation of cabinet secretaries, he should urge President Trump to appoint permanent replacements quickly.

My concern with today’s article is not just the tone, which is of course critical of the president, but of the mischaracterization of Secretary Nielsen’s departure. The article makes it sound like President Trump suddenly turned on Nielsen, much to her surprise, and fired her. It says that he supported Nielsen for the position just as he is now supporting the new Acting head, Kevin McAleenan. But everyone knows that Nielsen has been on the rocks for months and months, so I’m not sure why this is being reported this way, unless the reporter thinks readers don’t remember the history. So this is just another act of disloyalty by President Trump to someone he formerly supported. This underscores the narrative of disarray, secret administration members who are working against the President, chaos, inefficiency, bad government, etc.

Maybe it’s time we had a professional in the White House, someone who can work efficiently with his or her team to extract the maximum amount of money for redistribution.


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