Article marred by editorial commentary

Article marred by editorial commentary

PE Bias Grade : F

By: Allen Nitschelm on August 13, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title New Trump policy favors wealthier immigrants
Date 08/13/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A2 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Eileen Sullivan
Michael D. Shear
Article Summary

Trump administrations includes consideration of welfare benefits in granting future “green cards” for legal immigrants.

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This article starts off with an inaccurate headline of the Trump administration’s “new policy” on trying to ensure that legal immigrants are economically self-sufficient, claiming it is geared to helping the “wealthy,” and then rebuts this premise in the 12th paragraph quite convincingly. This has been longstanding policy of the United States for probably over 100 years.

Preventing welfare recipients from staying in the country is not helping “wealthier” immigrants. It is barring “poorer” immigrants. This is not the same thing, but because of the media’s class warfare, it sounds worse the way they wrote it.

With that headline, you know there is some serious bias on the way.

And there it is, in the eighth paragraph:

Monday’s announcement is part of President Trump’s concerted assault on the nation’s system of immigration laws and regulations. For much of the past three years, the president has railed against what he calls the dangers of illegal immigration. But administration officials have also sought to impose new limits on legal immigration into the United States.

This is pure opinion. Trump hasn’t been “assaulting” our immigration laws, he has been trying to enforce them. As President, he has been granted certain powers and responsibilities, including protecting our borders and deciding who can enter and who cannot, and he was elected on this platform as well. So when he tries to fulfill his campaign promises, the media attacks him for “assaulting” the laws he is trying to enforce.

Note also how they say “he calls” the dangers of illegal immigration. You see, to the Left and the Democrats working for the mainstream media, it is Trump’s imagination that ANY illegal immigration is dangerous. He might call it dangerous, but the media knows that illegal immigrants are completely safe. Some are only coming to America to commit crimes that Americans don’t want to commit.

To say that the President is “assaulting” the nation’s immigration laws is Orwellian double-speak by the journalists of this piece. It would be like saying that prison wardens are illegally confining prisoners to their cells or police are illegally detaining criminals who commit crimes.

Trump has talked often about allowing more legal immigration, but he is waiting for the Democrats to meet him halfway as part of a fix of our broken immigration laws. Otherwise, he wants to reform legal immigration to have it based on merit, not lottery. He has discussed this often but the Democrats don’t want to compromise. The media pretends, therefore, that Trump is also against legal immigration and legal immigrants and often tries to blur that line. In this paragraph, the journalists tie legal immigration to illegal by claiming that Trump also wants to limit legal immigration.



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