Biden and Harris roll out racist charge against Trump

Biden and Harris roll out racist charge against Trump

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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 13, 2020 | Media Criticism

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title In unison, ticket targets Trump
Date 08/13/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Katie Glueck
Thomas Kaplan
Article Summary

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris and they both attack President Trump in campaign event.

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Does anyone remember the good old days, when political campaigns were about goals and ideals, not personal attacks?

Trump is a racist. Harris is nasty. Biden is losing his mind. Pence is a religious zealot.

While these charges might all be factors that voters take into consideration, all of the candidates, and that includes both primaries (2016 and 2020), have flaws. Despite their flaws, however, who we elect is going to have major impacts on our economy, our standing in the world, our health and our safety.

As a Trump supporter, I hope Trump gets another four years to continue his remarkable and successful track record. Absent the Coronavirus, we would have a robust economy with record-breaking unemployment, wages, and wealth creation. Our trade deals are being fixed so that we aren’t going to be running perpetual deficits and losing all of our manufacturing jobs, we have boxed in Iran so it won’t be getting a nuclear bomb anytime soon and it looks like more peace may be breaking out in the Middle East, and we have at least temporarily contained North Korea. Trump had a novel approach that has shown some progress despite the utter failure of all the past administrations.

Trump has kept campaign promises by working hard to control illegal immigration and getting us out of the Paris accords, which would have raised our energy costs while not raising the costs for our economic and geopolitical foes. We have reduced red tape to allow business to thrive and stopped kowtowing to the Greenpeace and Sierra Club agendas which sought to hamper our economy. Trump also surprised many by taking the lead on bail reform and he offered to legalize the “Dreamers” but the Democrats preferred having that issue stay alive to try to elect more members of the “resistance” to Congress. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the well-being of a few hundred thousand innocent children to make your own dreams come true, right Speaker Pelosi?

So I’d like to see the media put aside the constant focus on personal attacks and talk about policy, and whether we can afford the Biden-Harris-Warren-Sanders-AOC tax hikes, which I believe seeks to raise several additional Trillion (with a “T”) dollars in revenues over the next 10 years, which will likely either bankrupt the country or make us economically stagnant or even shrink our economy further than the Coronavirus has.

Under a Biden-Harris administration, our national debt would quickly top $30 Trillion. How is that ever going to be repaid if it just keeps increasing? When we do start to repay it, whatever economic boom caused by easy money (and this has already been going on for many years) will reverse, and we could have a downturn just as dramatic as our economic boom has been.

Unfortunately, the media believes President Trump is vulnerable because of his various personality flaws and they are hoping that people vote for the affable Joe Biden and his new attack dog, Senator Kamala Harris. If the media can convince voters to act based on their personal dislike (or hatred) for the President, they will be ignoring the likelihood that the good times (such as they are) will come to an end when the Socialist-wannabes come into power.

As the presumptive nominee, Biden wasted no time in attacking President Trump in his speech introducing Harris. He did this by repeating the same story he told when he announced his candidacy, which was that President Trump praised White Supremacists who were rioting in Charlottesville three years ago.

At the time, Trump held a news conference and made it clear that while he didn’t support the White Supremacists and their rally, he did support those people who first showed up to protest against removing a Civil War statue. Trump made it clear that in the statue debate, there were “good people on both sides.” When the White Supremacists showed up, however, Trump said he did not support them (obviously). (To read just one of my previous articles on this topic which includes the video link, go here:

Joe Biden has deliberately misconstrued this and ignored Trump’s actual words of non-support for the racists to label Trump as supporting White Supremacists. And he does this with the cover of the media, including the Boston Globe, which continues to misreport the initial incident and Trump’s response to it, even to this day.

While the Globe did not repeat the Biden charge in today’s cover story, it did cover a bit of what Biden said about Charlottesville. The New York Times reporters did not indicate that Biden lied when he referenced Trump’s quote and did not “fact check” Biden on this like they do hourly for Trump. But I guess not repeating the lie in print yet again is a very small victory.

But then along comes columnist Yvonne Abraham on page B1 of the Globe today, and she takes the baton and runs with it. She calls all of Trump supporters either racist, OK with racism, or “living under a rock.” Sorry, Ms. Abraham, you left out several other options.

So the game plan for the Biden campaign and their media allies is getting clearer. Trump is a racist and anyone who supports him is a racist. And don’t pay any attention to the policies and plans of the Biden-Harris campaign because you can trust Joe Biden, he is just like you. Only older, and with your bank account number.


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