Clinton honored, applauded by Boston Globe

Clinton honored, applauded by Boston Globe

PE Bias Grade : D

By: Allen Nitschelm on May 27, 2018 | Media Criticism

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Clinton honored, applauded at Harvard
Date 05/26/2018
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A2 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Stephanie Ebbert
Article Summary

Hillary Clinton speaks at Harvard. Globe applauds.

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The fawning media as personified by the Boston Globe has an impressive puff piece on former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and Democrat candidate for President Hillary Rodham Clinton, who escaped prosecution for misusing and not securing classified documents while in government, lying about her personal email server to conduct business, conspiring with former President Obama to win the election of 2016 using any means necessary, and personally benefitting by selling access to a future Clinton presidency to donors of the Clinton foundation.

Now that Clinton is no longer running for office, all disguises of non-partisan coverage have been discarded and reporters like Ms. Ebbert can speak their angst through Clinton to their readers directly. Why won’t Clinton call President Trump evil? Why won’t she say that President Trump is a racist and so are his supporters? Why won’t she take him on? Oh sorry, she is doing that.

“Human rights are women’s rights” is one of the “most memorable lines of her career,” yet she managed to befriend Harvey Weinstein and was the coordinator of the “bimbo eruption” group during her husband’s presidency. Women who exposed Bill Clinton were personally confronted by Hillary and threatened by her, but I guess the accusers aren’t to be believed despite their gender.

Well, since Hillary is a female and tried to win the election by appealing to her natural constituency, this comment by the reporter is to be expected, even as it was “quoted by no fewer than three speakers….” So I guess there are at least four people who believe it.

Clinton said she “didn’t want” to get political, but the Cambridge Liberals wanted their red meat and she provided it as expected. How could she not, with the most evil person ever to be sitting in the Oval Office?

“It’s not been an easy time for more than half of our country…” she said. Is this an oblique reference to one of her 127 reasons for her defeat, that the “popular vote” went to her despite her loss? Or is she counting the millions of illegal immigrants, some of whom didn’t get to cast their vote despite their devotion to her candidacy?

We dodged a bullet in not electing her as president and I guess these sour-grapes reports by the reporters at the Globe and like-minded media are a small price to have to pay. Think of the alternative.

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