Covering Antifa protesters…again?

Covering Antifa protesters…again?

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By: Allen Nitschelm on September 10, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title At City Hall Plaza, protesters blast mayor, Boston police over last weekend’s arrests
Date 09/08/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B3 )
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Journalist John Hilliard
Sarah Wu
Article Summary

Globe covers another protest, this time by Antifa rallying against free speech.

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The Boston Globe has carefully failed to mention who the “counter protesters” were at the Straight Pride Parade a couple of weeks ago. The counter protesters included violent Antifa thugs, Black Lives Matter activists, and who knows who else. The police made 36 arrests and Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is dropping charges against most of them, except the ones who were caught actually being violent.

Rollins recently complained to the SJC that a judge failed to heed her decision not to prosecute. The SJC backed up her legal interpretation. Turns out electing a DA who decides not to prosecute criminals is perfectly legal and appropriate. The defense attorneys must absolutely love her. Well, maybe her office can get rid of all the useless assistant DAs who have nothing left to do and save taxpayers a few bucks. The savings can go into a victim restitution fund to make whole the people who are affected by these “non-violent” offenders.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter and probably other Far Left violent thugs held another protest, this time on City Hall Plaza. Of course, the Globe covered it, because it wants to publicize as much “resistance” to things that Donald Trump stands for. Like the rule of law. What an authoritarian.

Turns out that this second protest included a photo of someone who wants “Anti-Fascist protesters” to be released. So there it is, printed in the pages of the Globe, an actual reference to Antifa. But you have to have eagle eyes to see it (or look at our second photo for the blow-up.)

I’m waiting for the San Francisco City Council to declare Antifa a “domestic terrorist organization” like they did with the NRA.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe continues to characterize Conservatives as “Right” and “Far Right” and accuses them of fomenting violence, while groups like Antifa are not even mentioned by name even as their members commit actual violence. For proof, look at the police reports and injured officers. What a double standard.

If you read this article, they mention the organizers of the Straight Pride event and claim that “critics said the group is homophobic and the event was meant to cause anti-LGBTQ discrimination.” Yet not one counter-protester or anyone at this second protest was identified by group affiliation. Why is that?

Could it be that normal people don’t want to be affiliated with these groups and their tactics, even as the Democrat leaders wink and look the other way?

For clueless Boston Globe readers (and I don’t blame you, the Globe is withholding this information, as I have shown), Antifa and Black Lives Matter are violent, quasi-terrorist organizations who don’t believe in free speech, and they are supported by the Democrat politicians in power. They are seen as allies. Maybe they go a little too far, sometimes, but they are part of the same family. Even as they denounce Mayor Marty Walsh, they are in league with him and his Party. They are just trying to move him a bit further to the Left, just as AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are trying to do with the Democrats as a whole.


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