Democrats’ disharmony

Democrats’ disharmony

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By: Allen Nitschelm on September 11, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Democrats’ chorus for impeachment is gaining strength
Date 09/11/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Jazmine Ulloa
Article Summary

A majority of House Democrats now favor impeachment.

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The Democrats’ “chorus” isn’t in harmony, despite “a majority” of Democrats now favoring impeachment in the U.S. House. That’s because all Republicans will vote against impeachment so it won’t even pass in the House, let alone be approved by the Senate. Yet the Globe seems to indicate that impeachment is just around the corner. This is supposed to energize the base, rather than being truthful with them, which would be to say that Trump is nowhere near impeachment and that Nancy Pelosi likely would never allow a vote because her moderates would be toast in 2020.

Either way, time is running out. A California Congressman is quoted as saying that this should begin before the Iowa caucuses. What? Do the voters want an impeachment trial during the presidential election? What would be the point, other than to try to damage Trump politically? The Congressman says he doesn’t want this inquiry to be about politics, but given the timeline, that is clearly all it is about.

Had the Mueller probe produced impeachable evidence, then the games should have begun in the spring. Since it didn’t, the Democrats should obviously just let the election happen. It doesn’t make sense to impeach someone a few weeks or months before their term is up. But some Democrats seem to believe that tarring President Trump with an impeachment is going to help them win in 2020. Who knows, but it sounds like a big gamble. But hey, looking at their presidential field, they may have nothing to lose.

The Democrats can effectively make their points against Trump during the campaign. Trump is erratic and a narcissist. He likely paid off some women to prevent embarrassment during the 2016 race. He was upset at an unfair investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia since he knew the underlying charge was false. He complained loudly about Mueller and wanted him to be fired. He is impossible to work for and his belief that personal diplomacy can solve every international crisis seems simplistic and hasn’t yet produced the results we all want and hope for.

On the other hand, the major Democrat contenders all have excessive baggage themselves, so once the Democrats settle on a single candidate, they will be stuck with that person’s warts. Given the hatred shown to Republican voters, many won’t admit they support the president. Given the far-Left slant of most if not all of the Democrat presidential candidates, many moderates won’t vote for a socialist. At this point, barring an economic collapse or something worse, Trump looks likely to win handily.

And, of course, the shoe is yet to drop on the attempted coup that some members of the Obama administration may have set up as an insurance policy against an unlikely Trump win against Hillary Clinton.


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