Double WaPo trouble

Double WaPo trouble

PE Bias Grade : F

By: Allen Nitschelm on October 9, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Powell says GOP ‘has got to get a grip on itself’
Date 10/08/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A5 )
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Short pieces follow familiar scripts in Washington Post/Boston Globe political coverage.

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Two funny short pieces in the Political Notebook section, both Washington Post reprints.

The first is about former GOP member General Colin Powell, criticizing Republicans. Any “Republican” self-criticism is news in the Liberal media, and is duly reported. This is probably how the Liberal press justifies their biased reporting…”see, here is an article quoting someone from the Republican Party!”

It goes without saying that most of these “critics” have a serious disagreement with the Party or the President. That should be disclosed but isn’t always. For example, they could inform readers that Powell endorsed President Obama. Twice. And he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Voting for the Democrats for three elections in a row might disqualify someone from being labeled “a Republican.”

The second piece is this notion that Trump is of course absolutely serious when he refers to himself in grandiose fashion. He is trolling the media, but they lap it up. I can’t tell if they know he is kidding but are trying to fool their readers that he is serious, or if they themselves are too stupid to get the joke.

You can’t tell from the article. It refers to several of Trump’s previous references in this vein. I take them all as jokes, but the reporters seem to think he is always serious.

I guess one might assume that one or two of these comments could be serious. Perhaps Trump is making a Freudian slip or something. But how can they think every comment is serious? So I think they know Trump is kidding but they pretend to be shocked and upset.

The most famous line was Trump suggesting that Russia look for Hillary’s emails because Hillary can’t find them. I have heard the media report this seriously as well. And I’ll bet there are plenty of Democrat media consumers who now accept all of these as serious statements. It is really strong evidence of bias that the media continues this reporting. It seems like they will stop at nothing to portray President Trump in a negative light.


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