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By: Allen Nitschelm on March 25, 2019 | Article Review, Media Criticism

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Article Title Mueller report finds no collusion on Russia
Date 03/25/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Katie Benner
Mark Mazzetti
Article Summary

Mueller Report finds no Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

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When I first open the Boston Globe app to read the day’s headlines, I never know what I will find. This morning, after the weekend release of the Mueller report’s conclusions, I was prepared for another partisan headline and article. But I was pleasantly surprised that the Globe played it straight. The Mueller Report found no collusion between anyone in the Trump campaign and the Russian government. This is full exoneration for Trump and validates his calling this a “witch hunt” for the past two years. It will be interesting to see how the media now bends over backwards to repair the damage their false, biased reporting did to President Trump.

Attorney General Barr along with Deputy Rosenstein opined that there is no case for “obstruction of justice.” The WSJ writes today that this is because President Trump has an absolute right to fire former FBI Director James Comey for any reason, so that could never be used as evidence of obstruction. But to me, the obstruction charge must also be related to there being an underlying crime. And Trump’s characterization and annoyance at the “witch hunt” was very public. He was never skulking around, trying to secretly undermine the investigation.

President Trump was found innocent of the charge of campaign collusion with Russia. Had the reverse happened, our country would be in bad shape. It would have been some type of Constitutional crisis. The secrecy during the probe increased everyone’s anxiety even as Trump steadfastly denied the charge. Both the innocent and guilty always deny the charges. The media still has an obligation to keep the presumption of innocence which they certainly failed to do in this instance, egged on by partisan Democrats who continued to insist that they had seen the secret evidence of collusion. So everyone was prepared for something, but not a full exoneration.

Well, kudos to the Globe for its coverage today. Now let’s see if this helps them turn over a new leaf in their coverage of Donald Trump and Republicans.


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