I promise to raise taxes…just not on you

I promise to raise taxes…just not on you

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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 15, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Warren courts moderates in N.H.
Date 08/15/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B1 )
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Journalist Michael Levenson
Article Summary

Warren does another campaign stop, this time promising not to raise taxes on you.

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Today’s Warren Report (#228-2019) is better than most. The article’s premise is simple. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is trying to appeal to moderate voters by saying she will raise taxes, just not on you. Somebody else will pay. So there is no reason not to elect her because you will get a lot of stuff for free and you won’t be charged.

It used to be that candidates would never admit they were closet socialists. Bernie admits it right up front, which is one reason why he never posed a real threat to Hillary Clinton. But the Democrats have moved so far left that being a socialist is no longer a detriment, it is a benefit. Still, unlike Sanders who is a committed socialist (and probably a closet communist), Warren is smart enough to eschew the label until after she is in office.

Candidates also would avoid admitting they would raise taxes. Saying you planned on raising taxes was a big red flag to many voters who were more comfortable voting for people who lied to them. Remember George Bush the father saying “read my lips?” His broken promise was a death blow to his reelection efforts.

Massachusetts’ Native Daughter tries to thread this needle by saying yes, she will definitely raise taxes, but it won’t be on you, it will be on the “gazillionaires” who aren’t paying their fair share. She’s got a plan for that, all right.

If you believe Ms. Warren can spend what she wants and can fully fund it by just taxing the ultra rich and it won’t come back to bite the middle class in the rear end, then vote for her. Just don’t be surprised when your taxes goes up because like most politicians, she is lying to you.


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