Impeachment imbalance

Impeachment imbalance

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By: Allen Nitschelm on December 26, 2019 | Media Criticism

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title A President impeached
Date 12/19/2019
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Journalist Unsigned Boston Globe
Article Summary

A selection of seven quotes from Washington, all about impeachment, featuring two Republicans and five Democrats.

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The Boston Globe is enjoying covering the impeachment of Republican President Donald Trump. They have wanted this day since before he was inaugurated. They even published a “fake news” cover predicting dire warnings if Trump was elected. They are part of the partisan struggle that is going on now between the Socialists in the Democrat Party and the rest of us, with the moderate Democrats content to wait and see what happens rather than take sides.

As a partisan combatant, the Boston Globe puts it thumb on the balance scale, while telling readers that they are just trying hard to do a good job in such a tough environment. Imagine….the President calling out the media for biased coverage! What an outrage! He hates the news just because it is against him, or so the media asserts.

By taking sides rather than staying impartial, the media has lost a lot of credibility with its readers. The “conservative” readers have mostly stopped reading their paper, whereas the “liberal” readers so far seem to think it is great to have someone present the news that closely aligns with their philosophy. It must be a lot of fun for them, until such time as they realize that they are essentially reading propaganda. They should be angry and upset, but who knows.

My job at Public Editor MA is to review these Boston Globe articles and document examples of news bias. I also grade them for bias, and we have a section on our website where readers can look up individual reporters and see their average bias grade.

I also review some editorial columns, as well as write on other relevant topics. These pieces are not generally graded but look at other aspects of the Globe, some good, some bad.

The subject of this article is a sidebar of seven quotes related to the impeachment of President Trump. Everyone surely knows that this was a completely partisan endeavor and the vote to impeach was almost entirely on partisan lines. Since the Democrats have a majority and only a majority vote is needed, it was clear that once Speaker Pelosi decided to move forward with impeachment, she already had the votes to convict. Everything else was window dressing or misdirection.

These seven quotes should be balanced with pro and con opinions. Yes, the House did impeach, but the process is so obviously flawed and the Senate outcome seems just as predetermined that we are still under the “equal balance” rules. Trump is just accused by the impeachment, he is not convicted. He still deserves the presumption of innocence.

Despite all this, the Globe publishes five quotes from Partisan Democrats, one from a partisan Republican, and the Defendant. So counting the defendant’s denial of guilt, you have five opinions in favor of impeachment and two against.

That doesn’t seem very balanced to me. So this is a simple test which the Globe failed.

There is no reporter listed who compiled these quotes, so this goes right to the intent of the editor who approved them. Biased reporters are supposed to be checked by editors, but what happens when the editors themselves are biased?


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