Inconsistent and erroneous

Inconsistent and erroneous

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By: Allen Nitschelm on September 9, 2019 | Editorial Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title A lawless president funds his wall
Date 09/07/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A12 )
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Journalist BG Editorial Board
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Globe doesn’t enjoy Trump’s border wall win as much as his supporters do.

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I am not doing too many editorial reviews these days. The op-Ed columnists the Globe employs are tiresome one-note shrill voices that just attack President Trump endlessly. Too boring for me to deal with regularly.

The Globe’s editorials are no better, although I sometimes sense an attempt to be somewhat balanced. Usually this is just a throwaway line or two, so maybe I am reading some moderation into them where none exists. Or it could be that I am sensing a guilty conscious–they realize their reporting and opinions are completely unbalanced, so they try to sound a bit more reasonable when they do an official editorial. But that’s probably just my imagination.

But today’s editorial against funding the border wall has some glaring logical inconsistencies which are just too juicy to pass up.

The first three-quarters of the editorial argues that $3.1 billion diverted from other military projects, mostly in other countries, is just too steep a price to pay for border security for our own country. The Globe disagrees with the security experts and thousands of years of human experience which says “walls work.” The Globe believes allowing millions of illegal entries into the U.S. is far safer than, say, military infrastructure in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Isles. Really? I am not aware of imminent threats in those islands, but maybe the Chinese or Russians are secretly landing soldiers to infiltrate there. Or maybe the “boat people” are migrating there and then proceeding on to the mainland. Haven’t heard about either, but who knows.

The Globe’s own article on this funding diversion cited a parking lot at West Point as one of the domestic projects being affected. Sounds like a national security crisis to me, for sure.

But then the Globe says, never mind, the real issue isn’t the money at all. It is the “lawlessness” of the President. The Globe doesn’t disclose that the fund diversion was authorized by Congress years ago and confirmed by the Supreme Court. Doesn’t sound too lawless to me.

Then the Globe praises Utah Sen. Mike Lee for introducing legislation to close this loophole. So the Globe admits that the loophole exists and the President used it, which is legal. So just another illogical contradiction.

If the Globe were an honest broker of thought (here goes my imagination again) they would be equally as harsh at the Democrats who have resisted all efforts to solve this in a bipartisan manner. Trump said in his first or second State of the Union address that he was open to a compromise, and would even give amnesty to the children who were brought here as minors (the “dreamers”), which used to be a big issue in Democrat talking points. But the Pelosi-Schumer group has no interest in compromising, no interest in solving any of the problems, no interest in closing the immigration loopholes, no interest in stopping the drugs and human trafficking…and no interest in making the Dreamers legal. The Globe can only see fault with President Trump.

Today’s editorial is proof that the Globe doesn’t just have Very Fake News, it also has Very Fake Opinions.


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