Kooks on both sides

Kooks on both sides

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By: Allen Nitschelm on April 9, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Maine woman charged with sending letter to Collins
Date 04/09/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A5 )
Syndicated From Associated Press
Journalist Unsigned Associated Press
Article Summary

Short piece on threatening letter sent to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

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There are Leftist kooks and Rightist kooks. Using violence or threats of violence have no place in civilized society or a democracy. If you don’t like your leaders, work and vote for their opponents during election season.

But the media seems to cover the violence differently depending on whether it is Leftists or Rightists who are committing it. Today’s example is someone whose politics go unreported, but who sent a threatening letter with white powder in it to Senator Susan Collins of Maine. This is an act of terrorism, even though the powder was determined to be inert.

How come this person’s political views weren’t mentioned? Who have they given money to? Who have they worked for? Does the person have an Obama bumper sticker on their car?

When a Republican is threatened or targeted, it is a small article with no details. When a Democrat is the target, we get the full Monty of coverage, including questions to President Trump about what he thinks of “his supporters” using violence, and whether Trump is overtly or covertly really behind the violence because he doesn’t condemn it loudly or often enough.

This is a good example of the double standard the media uses. Trump supporters act because Trump is a racist and White Supremacist who is egging them on. But when Democrats commit acts of violence, their affiliation is not mentioned, their political heroes go unnamed, their inspiration is unknown. The story, if reported, is short on speculation and connections.

The media has not reported on how Leftist mobs have taken over downtown Portland, Oregon, or how Leftists have assaulted Conservative speakers on college campuses. Was Bernie Sanders responsible somehow for the kook who shot the Congressional baseball field, severely injuring Congressman Steve Scalise?


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