Media comes out and says it

Media comes out and says it

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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 12, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Candidates label Trump a white supremacist
Date 08/10/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A5 )
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Journalist Victoria McGrane
Article Summary

Boston Globe runs article labeling President Trump a white supremacist.

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The media’s push to label Trump and his supporters as racists and white nationalists and white supremacists and Nazis continues, this time with a large headline and a flurry of Democrats making the charges, all covered and documented by their media allies.

Today’s article has the veneer of objectivity, except of course for its subject matter. Imagine a mainstream media outlet questioning Obama’s patriotism or calling him a racist. This is far worse. A white supremacist isn’t just a racist, he is also willing to take action on those thoughts.

There is absolutely no evidence that President Donald J. Trump is a “white nationalist.” Period.

Trump voters, Trump donors, and Trump supporters are also being tarred by the media and the Democrats. By calling Trump voters racists, it divides the country between those the media sees as morally right and the rest, who are deplorables. You see, how can anyone support President Trump who is a white nationalist, unless they support white nationalism too? We now have prominent Democrats who are tweeting out the names and affiliations of Trump donors. This is more outrageous behavior, but the media surely isn’t surprised. They are the root cause of this by their coverage.

But more so than that, making this charge really isn’t just the Democratic candidates, it is also the Boston Globe. It is such an offensive thing, it should never be done without incontrovertible evidence, like a membership card, or attendance at some White Nationalist rally. Instead, we know where his political opponents are coming from. Most of them will do anything to win, even stooping to this level. What is the media’s excuse for repeating these smears?

The article itself is also unbalanced. While it does more than most of its kind by printing Trump’s denials, they are overwhelmed by the quotes from Democrats and their backers. Trump’s denial isn’t printed until the ninth paragraph, so it has very little weight. Several Democrats are quoted using this smear and no one other than Trump rebuts it. And, of course, this article is in a series of similar articles. If one reads the paper regularly, this level of propaganda must take a toll. Many of the people now quoted have absolutely no doubt Trump is a racist, because they read about his alleged racism literally every day. And we know the media now takes Trump racism as a fact, and does so even in this article.

Calling Trump a traitor was equally ridiculous, but of course, if true, it would result in his immediate removal from office. That had to be investigated because having a “traitor” as president is unthinkable. So the seriousness of the charge meant it was taken seriously even though it was patently ridiculous. Why would a “traitor” go through the process of running for president? His secret surely would be revealed during the process and he would be at risk. A relatively successful Billionaire would be risking not just his reputation but his fortune.

Calling someone a White Supremacist without hard evidence is equally stupid. Nobody has come forward to claim Trump had these inclinations and he’s been in the public eye for decades.

Any objectivity for this article drops completely by the last paragraph, when the writer categorizes Trump’s statements as “racist appeals.” That is a statement of opinion presented as fact, and is a clear violation of responsible journalistic ethics. Most readers won’t even catch it because they have literally read dozens of versions of the same bias in the paper. It is truly remarkable how the Globe has been covering President Trump.

But this article isn’t just poor journalism. It represents very bad judgment by the Globe publisher and editor. Calling the President of the United States a “white supremacist” is protected by the First Amendment, but it should result in thousands of people cancelling their subscription to the Boston Globe. It is an outrageous charge which the press should not amplify, and if they cover it as news (which is what they allegedly are doing), it should be immediately contradicted by lots of people who fault the Democrat candidates for saying such nonsense. The Globe does none of that.

In fact, after Trump’s denial is printed, the journalist then recounts former presidents who were (also) racist.

The journalist and one of her experts then suggests that maybe Trump’s racism will turn off “white suburban voters” such that Trump may not win some of the swing states.

How about the media instead suggest that these outrageous, unproven charges by some leading Democrats might turn off voters who otherwise would consider voting for the challenger but will be appalled at the uncivil, race-baiting, outrageous suggestion by these Democrats and the media and will decide to vote for Trump to take a stand against the nasty level of our current political discourse.


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