Media tells you what to think

Media tells you what to think

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By: Allen Nitschelm on September 12, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Trump has little to say about woes of the West
Date 09/12/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A4 )
Syndicated From Washington Post
Journalist Amber Phillips
Article Summary

President Trump isn’t talking enough about the West Coast wildfires, according to the media.

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I remember the last time we had very destructive wildfires in California, President Trump opined that poor forest management was to blame. His comments were scoffed at by California Liberals.

Now it is happening again, even worse, and it has become apparent that Trump was right. Even California Gov. Newsom admitted as much (and blamed climate change too, of course.) Too bad they didn’t listen to Trump and take action last time. Well, maybe next time.

Today’s article complains that Trump isn’t talking enough about the recent fires. Yet the press questions him, often multiple times a day, so perhaps the fault lies with the White House press corps which is more obsessed with politics and Trump Derangement Syndrome than national disasters. If the journalists at the Washington Post are so concerned with the President’s words about wildfires, maybe they need to lay off the Russia collusion story for a few days?

Like a Seinfeld episode, this is a filler article that is really about nothing. But at the end of this really stupid article is the advice on how the journalist wants readers to think. “One way to think about this…” is the friendly reporter’s advice in the last paragraph.

Usually this advice is hidden, part of the media’s subliminal messaging that Trump is evil and you need to vote for Democrats if you aren’t deplorable or racist.

But now, the media says, think of it this way: everything Trump does is to further his re-election. Period. He has no set of core values and isn’t fulfilling campaign promises. He has no motivations except his personal benefit.

If you’ve ever watched a Trump rally, he goes through his list of accomplishments and promises kept. It is quite long and impressive, even more so given the constant turmoil in his administration and the constant fighting of his policies by the Democrats and the media. It is a wonder that he has stuck to his agenda.

That President Trump does not want the country to turn to Socialism is a big reason to vote to re-elect him. It is perhaps the biggest reason. That could be why the media is claiming that re-election is all he cares about, making it about his narcissism instead of what is best for the country.

President Trump left a very good life as a successful businessman to enter politics. He did so partly because of patriotism and partly because he has a large ego and thought he would do a great job. His ego is intact and he has done a great job.

But the Boston Globe and Washington Post want you to think this is just an ego trip and has nothing to do with what is best for the country, and they conveniently say so in plain sight (see photo three).

I think the media is starting to get nervous when we see so much Trump success and Joe Biden is still hiding in his basement, answering questions with help of a teleprompter.


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