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By: Allen Nitschelm on October 28, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title As cases rise, so too calls for mask rule nationwide
Date 10/27/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Dugan Arnett
Travis Andersen
Article Summary

Boston Globe pushes a national mask mandate.

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The Left is coming for your freedom. The Boston Globe published a front-page story about experts advocating for a national mask mandate, even though such a decree would likely be unconstitutional, especially nine months after the initial outbreak. They are sending a message to their readers that the government needs to take extraordinary steps like those suggested by Joe Biden, rather than remain calm and cautiously optimistic like President Trump suggests.

To make this argument, they stress the number of “new cases” of Coronavirus, a pandemic which no country with a serious outbreak has been able to control. Yet the number of deaths has been roughly flat in Massachusetts, partly because younger people are now getting infected and partly because we are better at treating the virus. So while caseloads go up, deaths remain steady. Why the alarm? Could it be…an election around the corner?

In some parts of the country, which mostly escaped the “first wave,” they are being hit with the second. But this argues for local or regional approaches, not a national one. Yet if you ask “scientists,” they will give you the best advice on how to stop an infectious disease, not on how to preserve individual liberties during a pandemic. It reminds me of the old story about the carpenter and a construction problem, and his solution always involves a nail. Likewise, the surgeon’s solution always involves a knife.

The Boston Globe wasn’t practicing what it preaches when it covered the street protests. Shouting and chanting did not get lectures about social distancing and wearing masks. And we know that the advice of the Left’s scientists are to cancel Republican political events outside or in the White House, but are fine with political events on the streets of Portland, Chicago, New York, and now Philadelphia.

Because this virus is so infectious, those who are most vulnerable are urged to take strong precautions. But for those who choose to go out in public and be around others, there will always be some risk. Even people who are theoretically being extremely careful, like VP nominee Kamala Harris, can still have people close to her get infected. The Left never wants to blame victims, except when they are Republicans. Trump is responsible for the outbreak in the White House, but Harris is not responsible for the outbreak on her plane. And then Biden says Trump is also responsible for 200,000+ deaths. They don’t even subtract the NY nursing home deaths from that total and hang that around Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s neck.

So the message being sent by the Left is that the government has the right to control your personal conduct, even when the most vulnerable are protected.  But those on the Right believe adults have not lost their Constitutional rights even during a pandemic, and this includes the right to assemble, attend religious services, attend political rallies…or protest. We may not agree with the BLM and Antifa protests charging the police with systemic racism, but we support the right to peaceful protest.

The Boston Globe’s second message if that Joe Biden is correct in his recommended course of action to force Americans to wear masks. Biden has danced around a national mask mandate and this is the Globe’s way of reinforcing his message. For an old guy, Biden does dance quite a bit. He refused to say if he supported packing the Supreme Court, he won’t deny the authenticity of the Hunter Biden emails and calls it Russian disinformation, he won’t release a list of potential nominees to the SC if he gets elected, and he continues to lie about President Trump’s record and beliefs. But this is normal politics. Trump’s beliefs and promises are transparent and that is one reason he won in 2016. Biden hedges his bets and if people want to vote for him and find out later what he supports, that is their choice. If the stock market craters and taxes go up and people have to pay $5 for a gallon of gas, at least they voted for it by supporting Biden. President Trump has made the choice clear even as the media won’t ask Biden directly and allows him to avoid disclosing his proposals. It is lucky that we got to hear Biden admit one of his radical plans publicly during the debate, to close down America’s fossil-fuel industry.

But while the Globe quotes several “health experts” who are giving us their best advice on how to control the spread of the virus, they quote zero “economic experts” who talk about the negative corollary effects of lockdowns. But on the Left, it is not the job of citizens to resist government control. A national mask mandate would set a precedent for future government overreach, a practice that will be common in a Socialist America.

Now take a look at photo two, which is the Massachusetts Coronavirus statistics. It looks like the cases started to rise again during the summer and have been on a steady but slow upward climb since then. Many people expected that this could happen due to cooler weather where people are more likely to be indoors. We have ramped up testing and more asymptomatic people are being tested. So the positive test results are going up.

But the deaths have not followed suit. They have been level for months. Nobody can predict the future, and if deaths start going up precipitously, we might have to take sterner actions. But mask mandates, lockdowns, and hysteria should be our last resort, especially since we’ve all been in some sort of quarantine-like state for three-quarters-of-a-year.

People who are older or have underlying health issues should continue to act carefully. Perhaps a vaccine will be available in a few weeks or a couple months and this population should be first in line. But by the time January 20th rolls around, the Coronavirus will likely look much different than today. If deaths continue at the same level, then we will look back and say, once again, Trump was right: we are currently rounding the curve.

And if deaths start rising quickly, we can take further steps to protect the most vulnerable. Either way, if a vaccine is approved soon, this will likely be a contained virus. Let’s not lose several million more jobs by continuing to hype the danger. Cautious optimism is the best way forward given the statistics.


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