Orlando Sentinel’s endorsement track record

Orlando Sentinel’s endorsement track record

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By: Allen Nitschelm on June 20, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Orlando paper says it would not endorse Trump
Date 06/19/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A7 )
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Journalist Unsigned Associated Press
Article Summary

Orlando Sentinel declines to endorse President Trump for re-election no matter who is opponent is.

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The Boston Globe runs a short piece about the Orlando Sentinel’s editorial refusing to endorse President Trump for re-election. His opponent is still unknown, the election isn’t for 18 months still, but I guess that doesn’t matter.

To the Globe, this is evidence of how poor a job President Trump has done, and how wretched a human being he is. I mean, it isn’t often that people can actually vote for someone who is a Nazi, racist, white supremacist, sexist, homophobic, transgender-phobic, xenophobic, runner of concentration camps, and warmonger. Luckily we have newspapers like the Boston Globe and Orlando Sentinel to tell us how to think.

I think the Boston Globe ran this piece because it wished it had thought of this editorial stunt first. I mean, they pioneered the Fake News full-front-page during the campaign that predicted what life would be like under President Trump. Well, at least their professional animus is well documented.

What the Globe doesn’t tell you is about the Orlando Sentinel’s 2016 Presidential endorsement, or it’s recent 2018 statewide endorsements for FL Governor or Senator. But you can guess which party all those candidates came from. If you want to verify, here are the links:

2018: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/editorials/os-op-orlando-sentinel-endorsements-20181018-htmlstory.html

2016: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-ed-endorsements-president-20161015-story.html


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