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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 15, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title A demand to maintain migrants’ protected status
Date 08/15/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B3 )
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Journalist Diamond Naga Siu
Article Summary

Globe promotes protest for immigrants who might be deported after 20 years of “temporary” status as refugees.

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I love how the Boston Globe covers every single Left-Wing protest, march, disturbance, or complaint. Today’s version is a story about the poor people on temporary visas who left their countries to come here, expected to return when the crisis was over.

The “temporary” status of the program is right in the name, but it is glossed over as we read about how these immigrants created a new life here in America and are distressed and upset that their status is being questioned. Maybe they don’t know what the word “temporary” means.

If Democrats want to protect these people, and the “dreamers” that are probably most of their kids, then they should find a compromise with President Trump to close these future loopholes. He offered a compromise well over a year ago during his State of the Union address. He wanted funds for the wall and wanted an end to chain migration and visa lotteries, and he offered to permanently legalize most of the dreamers.

Funny how the Democrats have dropped that entire issue like a hot potato. All I read about was the poor dreamers for like six months and now…nothing.

These people are being used as political pawns by the Democrats. They don’t want a solution to these problems, they want to keep them alive for 2020. It is outrageous. But here is the Globe’s article, to stoke anger and fear among their readers at the poor treatment these “temporary” visitors are receiving. The Globe should be bringing this issue to the state’s Democratic contingent and demanding action from them.


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