P.S. We love you, Liz!

P.S. We love you, Liz!

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By: Allen Nitschelm on March 7, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Warren won’t step back on campaign issues
Date 03/07/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Liz Goodwin
Article Summary

Warren holds off on endorsement.

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[Post-Script Warren Report #67-2020]

The Boston Globe reported on the demise of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic presidential run yesterday, and then has two follow-up articles today, breathless wondering who the Native Daughter will endorse between the two old, white men who represent the sexism and racism of our country. That Warren might not be able to choose the lesser or two evils is a distinct possibility. The article covers all the bases by speculating that Warren might not endorse either candidate until after the race has been decided. Warren might then deign to support the Democratic nominee, probably a couple of days after the Globe embarrassingly endorses the runner-up.

I guess the very good news is that we can lay to rest the ageism question, at least among Democrat primary voters. But they are still racist, homophobic, and sexist, although not nearly as much as their Republican counterparts.

Warren was a truly ineffective Senator, with nothing accomplished for this state or the country in her eight long years. Instead of suggesting that her third-place finish last Tuesday should result in her resignation and allowing someone else to take her seat, the Globe believes Warren needs to be propped up, so they continue to pander to her while making excuses for why she wouldn’t endorse anyone. And now, according to the Globe, she doesn’t have to.

You see, it would be smarter not to stick her neck out for one or the other, because then she will have less “influence” over the nominee’s pick for various positions in the new administration if his Democratic opponent wins. (That’s a mighty big “if.”) On the other hand, if Warren were to help the nominee get the nomination and then if he wins, he would owe Warren big time. But that would put pressure on Warren to take that endorsement risk, and since the Globe wants to protect her, they float this non-endorsement scenario instead.

The Globe concludes with the thought that Warren might run for President again. Just think: in 2024, after Trump’s second term ends, Warren will only be 74. If Bailey makes it that long, she might have a shot. And now she has another tall-tale she can use on the next election’s campaign trail: How she was discriminated against by being a woman in the 2020 election.


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