Protecting the fragile Joe Biden

Protecting the fragile Joe Biden

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By: Allen Nitschelm on February 4, 2020 | Article Review, Media Criticism

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title In last pitch, Biden flashes strengths, flaws
Date 02/03/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A7 )
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Journalist Jazmine Ulloa
Article Summary

Boston Globe covers Joe Biden’s campaign stop in Iowa.

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The Boston Globe obviously supports any candidate who is running in the Democrat primary over President Donald Trump, and the paper is so invested in their candidates that they treat them with kid gloves. Is that how Donald Trump will treat them if they get the nomination?

Today’s Joe Biden update repeatedly tells us how many mistakes Biden made during his last campaign appearance in Iowa but gives exactly zero examples. Zero!

Most voters who are paying any attention to the race is familiar with Biden’s pluses and minuses. But to gloss over and excuse Biden’s gaffes does not make Biden a stronger candidate, and does not help the Democrats defeat Donald Trump. Instead, it helps weaker candidates stay viable and saps the strength and resources from other primary challengers who might be better alternatives.

During the 2016 Republican primary, I supported most of the other candidates over Trump. But the process worked. Trump was not given any breaks by the media (since they mostly play for the other team) and Trump had to contrast his policies and visions with several fairly high profile Republicans. He earned the nomination fair and square.

The Globe’s favorite candidate is obviously Elizabeth Warren, and they have been trying to protect her candidacy (and promote her candidacy) from Day One. So when they tried to back up her claim to Native American heritage, they did so because they thought she could win the nomination. Yet many people would see her actions as fatal flaws that should make her drop out of the race. Then the Globe did another huge reveal when they tried to show that she got no benefit from her claims during her academic career. This they failed to do, despite declaring victory. The Globe tried to show that she was not “hired” because of her claimed minority status, but they did not address (and probably could never address) whether she received any preferential treatment while employed. But instead of sticking to the narrow claim, they broadened it to say she got no benefit whatsoever.

You might wonder whether protecting these candidates really is such a bad idea, but look at two late entries to the Democrat primary race. Both Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg have impressive resumes and both decided not to join the race when the time was right. Had the Globe “taken out” Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden as poor candidates, the void might have been filled by these two (or others) who might now be looking like a great general-election alternative to President Trump.

This is yet another reason why the media should not be taking sides in our political debate. We need an independent, unbiased media to provide facts and reporting so that voters can make up their own minds. Had the process worked as it should have, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would likely not be in the race now, and we would likely have a much stronger (and tested) challenger in November to President Trump.

I support Trump and plan on voting for him. But a Mike Bloomberg, Deval Patrick, or some other candidate might have been a credible challenger and offered voters a real choice. As it looks now, Donald Trump’s re-election looks like a lock against any of the candidates who are likely to be the Democratic nominee.


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