Racism obsession at the Globe

Racism obsession at the Globe

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By: Allen Nitschelm on April 11, 2019 | Editorial Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Clark calls out DeVos
Date 04/10/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B1 )
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Journalist Adrian Walker
Article Summary

Op/Ed on Rep. Katherine Clark’s criticism of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

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I recently posted a review of a Globe article that supported newly elected Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) attacking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Clark charged DeVos with racism, a charge the Boston Globe now uses haphazardly. Anyone and everyone on the Right is either a racist or a racist-in-waiting. Wait until any Republican mentions race, and then label them a racist. Only Democrats are free of racism (at least, outside of Virginia.)

DeVos cited a study that said that disciplining students was not necessarily racist just because more minorities were disciplined. The study looked at previous discipline and found that when you controlled for previous behavior, minorities were not disproportionally disciplined.

This has become an issue because the Obama administration used the logically flawed argument that “disparate outcomes” based on race must mean that the underlying actions are racist, otherwise you wouldn’t have any measurable racial difference.

The theory that something is “racist” because a policy happens to affect races differently is in error because it doesn’t prove cause and effect. It is fine to further study these “disparate outcomes,” but we can’t and shouldn’t conclude “racism” because not every outcome is caused by racism. If we find actual racism (and not just infer its existence), then obviously take action to correct it. But disparate outcomes does not prove underlying racism and DeVos is right to rescind these rules.

Walker throws around racism today like he’s been taking lessons from Renee Graham, who is a racist. Maybe Walker has joined her team. But these constant articles on the Op/Ed pages, using terms like “white nationalist,” has become a barrage. It’s almost like the Globe has a quota for making sure Trump or his advisers are tarred with this brush on at least a weekly basis. We are now seeing tons of commentary regarding Stephen Miller, who a Democrat Congresswoman labeled a white supremacist. Once that happens, I think the media feels unconstrained to repeat and amplify those comments.

Walker uses a familiar trick in liberally quoting Clark, who makes the charges directly. He says Clark called “the entire Trump administration … racist.” That is some quote.

I would also point out that the people who must be actually performing racism systematically (if you believe this theory) are teachers. Teachers are almost always members of the teacher’s union and are largely Liberals. Are teachers racist? Because they are the individuals who are being charged with racism, perhaps not individually but collectively, by Rep. Clark and Walker. That is the bottom line of their complaint. Why isn’t the national teacher’s union complaining about these slurs about their members?

How about we allow teachers to maintain order and discipline in their classroom so they can teach? Isn’t that how we advance learning for all students?

Let’s end with a quote from Walker, who would prefer teachers not control their classrooms when students are unruly because that would “seriously [derail students’] learning.” That’s the type of conclusion when political correctness determines policies. And that’s exactly why DeVos is overturning the Obama policy.


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