Renee Graham asserts Trump won because of racism

Renee Graham asserts Trump won because of racism

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By: Allen Nitschelm on April 7, 2019 | Editorial Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title The ‘What, Me Worry’ campaign of Mayor Pete
Date 04/03/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A11 )
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Journalist Renee Graham
Article Summary

Renee Graham doesn’t like Mayor Buttigieg because of his skin color.

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Wednesday’s Boston Globe has an editorial opinion by racist Globe writer Renee Graham. 99.99% of Graham’s columns are about race and 99.98% are against President Donald Trump, alleging he is a not-so-secret White Supremacist.

Today’s piece tries to use the same brush to tar Democrat candidate “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg, a young, gay Mayor of a small city in Indiana…who happens to be caucasian. That, for Graham, is a disqualifier.

It isn’t enough to support a candidate because of their skin color. Graham feels the need to tear down candidates because of their lack of skin color. This is not super surprising, given that using superficial characteristics like skin color instead of objective qualifications like experience, policies, personal conduct, etc., is in itself evidence of racism. But in Graham’s world, it is okay to support candidates solely because of race, and we now know that in her world, it is also okay to denigrate them too.

Graham is such a well-known Trump critic that her slurs against the president have become tiresome. Today’s is that Donald Trump was elected because of White Supremacy and racism. Seriously, I think she actually believes this. And by extension, she believes that everyone who voted for Trump is racist, and anyone who competes for Trump voters (like Buttigieg evidently is trying to) is pandering to racists and therefore must also harbor racism.

Racism is the #1 issue in the 2020 race, Graham seems to believe. Most voters would list several issues before racism, maybe a couple hundred.

Here is Graham’s offensive quote about how Trump got elected: “‘Economic anxiety’ didn’t get Trump elected, and Buttigieg knows it. Racism and Trump’s villification of immigrants and Muslims did. It was code for mounting fears around dismantling of the white supremacy on which this nation was founded.”

So there is the kernal of Graham’s belief. Our founding fathers were all racists, the Constitution is a product of racism, and now that we have had a couple hundred years of progress, it is time to turn the country over to people based on skin color.

I wonder…since Indians were perhaps the most wronged race in our history, should they also get reparations, and how much does Pocahontas get?


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