Skipping over Trump’s positive poll results

Skipping over Trump’s positive poll results

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By: Allen Nitschelm on September 13, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Trump attacks on Biden fail to yield a breakthrough
Date 09/13/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A17 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Alexander Burns
Jonathan Martin
Article Summary

Boston Globe runs NYT story on recent presidential poll.

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The New York Times conducted a poll in a couple of swing states in the Midwest and found that Biden continues to hold his lead against President Trump with about 50 days to go before the election. The poll goes into some challenges Biden faces, the pandemic, and race relations.

Since 2016, most people know that polls are often unreliable, and especially in our polarized society where wearing a Trump hat or putting a Trump bumper sticker on your car could result in an assault or vandalism respectively. So Trump voters are “shy” about stating their true preferences to pollsters. And in 2016, many of the “undecideds” decided for Trump at the last minute.

Still, the majority of polls are currently favoring Joe Biden, so the article is mostly correct. But it does make a significant error, one of omission. It lists several of the issues that Biden polls ahead of Trump on (see photo three):

…But the poll, conducted among likely voters, showed they prefer Biden by clear margins on the issues of the coronavirus pandemic, race relations, and fostering national unity, a sobering result for the president’s supporters.

The article then goes on to other good news for Biden, even as it admits that some Trump voters who had moved away from Trump appear to be coming back to him in the campaign’s home stretch.

What the article failed to mention is the poll results where Trump beat Biden. Regular readers of the news or those who watch Fox TV know that on the economy, Trump has consistently outpolled Biden. And so he did in this poll too (see photo four).

In the NYT story, they showed the poll results and readers could see Trump’s advantage on this question at the bottom of the results, but the Globe version did not run the graphic and made no mention of it.

I only give a slight downgrade because this bias could have been introduced by available space, namely the layout editor didn’t have room to run the poll in the Boston Globe’s version. Still, the journalists definitely should have mentioned it in their narrative description to provide some balance to the generally good Biden results.

Photo five is from the New York Times story which I just had to document. In it, they give their biased opinion that Joe Biden doesn’t want to defund the police, and that Trump and voters are inaccurately describing Biden’s position on “defunding the police.”

It is not “inaccurate” to believe something Biden said on video tape, unless he has publicly renounced what he said because he either misspoke due to his mental decline, or he has reconsidered his position. At best, the Times could say that Biden has sent mixed signals on this issue, while many on the Far Left, who support Biden, champion the defunding movement.

If you want to read more on this topic or watch the video where Biden agrees on defunding, click on the previous Public Editor article here: (you can find the video link from this page, via another link).


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