Stat News a shill for Boston Globe

Stat News a shill for Boston Globe

PE Bias Grade : F

By: Allen Nitschelm on June 29, 2018 | Article Review, Media Criticism

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Psychiatrists want to discuss public figures' mental health
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Journalist Sharon Begley
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As if the Boston Globe doesn’t have an agenda against Trump, now the organization is inventing a medical “news service” called Stat News which investigates and reports on medical stories. Their website looks pretty benign until you actually click on some of the links. For example, under the “Topics” tab, you have biotechnology, cancer, and…wait for it…Trump. I kid you not.

Their “about” page reveals the link to the owner, which is the same ownership as the Boston Globe. They say that they share content and “complement” one another. No kidding. Here’s the link:

Under the “Trump” tab is a long list of critical articles, including such scientific medical topics as immigration. Actually, there are two immigration articles.

Clearly, the editors at “Stat” have been given their marching orders from Red Sox owner John Henry, and they are dutifully slamming Trump at every chance.

So in the Boston Globe today, the Stat article is about psychiatrists who want to psychoanalyze Donald Trump without interviewing him, a violation of the AMA’s rules. The chief proponent of this, Dr. Leonard Glass of Harvard Medical School (the institution that discriminates against Asian applicants, if you read other parts of the Boston Globe), has written a book called “The dangerous case of Donald Trump: Psychiatrists and Mental Health experts Assess a President.” Sounds to me like Dr. Glass needs to be censured for publishing this book, but I’m not part of the AMA. Still, seems like for Dr. Glass, the horse has left the barn long ago.

The article does state that he faces an “uphill” battle because the AMA recently expanded the rule, not constricted it. I guess mentioning and quoting several supporters of the change and no one on the other side is considered unbiased reporting at Stat, and that I’m sure is fine with the Globe editors too.

The fact that the Globe would print this biased article meant to garner support to overturn the AMA’s long-established policy for ideological reasons alone gives this article an F. Most of the bias is in the decision to cover this topic at all.


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