The Boston Globe was FOR arson before they were AGAINST it

The Boston Globe was FOR arson before they were AGAINST it

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By: Allen Nitschelm on October 12, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Massive Biden-Harris farm sign burned down
Date 10/11/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B2 )
Syndicated From N/A
Journalist Matt Berg
Article Summary

Article about a large sign for Biden made out of hay bales burned down in Western Mass.

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The Boston Globe laments that an arsonist in Western Massachusetts burned down a huge Biden-Harris sign that was built on giant bales of hay. Defacing signs has become a common occurrence during these highly partisan times, with some on both sides unwilling to allow others their right at free expression.

The Globe is highly incensed at this reckless and potentially harmful case of arson…but they don’t care when Leftists burn sections of major cities, light police cruisers on fire, hurl fireworks at police officers, and attempt to burn down police stations with people inside, while trying to jam the doors so they can’t escape. All that is fine, it is just the Left’s way of peacefully protesting, exercising their First Amendment rights.

Here’s just one headline from over the summer I found online from the Boston Globe: “Across the country on Sunday, unrest overshadows peaceful protests yet again”. The article has photos of fires raging and burned cars from protests the night before (see photo four). (

So the Boston Globe was for arson before they are now against it. When the arsonists target supporters of Biden, that goes way too far. Time to stop the madness before another Biden sign gets vandalized.

The article under discussion includes a plea from the landowner who had put up the sign:

“It has come to a point where it’s not just opposing political views, but it feels like opposing views on our values and life,’’ Moon said. “Things can be replaced yes, but it’s more like the fear of just taking an opposing view that has led to violence. That’s not tolerable as a community at all.’’

Maybe the Globe can learn something from its own newspaper.

I read today’s Boston Globe, and there was no mention of the daily riots that are continuing in Portland, Oregon, which is perhaps the epicenter of the Left’s protest movement (they do run a column of shorts which seems to downplay the violence on the Left). Fox News covered several toppled statues, graffiti everywhere, and destruction to the Portland Historical Museum, with the windows smashed. But daily violence, looting, arson, and riots are not big news anymore in the Boston Globe.

Here is a link to a Portland news station which is covering the riots:

Last week, the Leftist DA in Portland decided to drop the charges of 70% of the people arrested. This is big news as there have been around 1,000 arrests, and you wonder why cops are probably just going to stand down if local DAs won’t prosecute law-breakers. The Globe did not cover this story.

Let’s see if the Portland riots from Sunday night make it into Tuesday’s Globe. Or maybe someone will steal a Biden lawn sign in the Berkshires and that will take precedence.


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