The unreadable Boston Globe

The unreadable Boston Globe

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By: Allen Nitschelm on October 2, 2020 | Media Criticism

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I’ve been reviewing the work of the Boston Globe for over two years now, and it is getting worse and worse. They are actively pushing a Leftist agenda which advocates for the Democrats by attacking a Republican as racist, sexist, homophobic, tax cheating, Russian ‘asset,’ breaking all norms, crass, compromised, killer, greedy, anti-democratic, vote-suppressing Nazi…and that’s just one guy, President Trump. His supporters are tainted by the same brush and the Left wants Trump supporters to fear speaking out or supporting Trump through threats of violence and intimidation, or public shaming.

That is why the Left refused to condemn the rioting, looting, arson, and violence in many American cities. They want voters to think “they are coming for you” while they deny that any such violence is taking place. These are “mostly peaceful” protests, remember.

The problem I have is not that the Globe can’t publish what it wants, but that it often pretends to be following journalistic norms, which include being fair and even-handed in their news coverage. After reviewing over 1,000 news articles, the average grade I gave the Globe is a “C.” I believe this is a very poor result for a major newspaper, New England’s “newspaper of record.”

The “racism” narrative is perhaps the most commonly used thread by the Left. This helps motivate “people of color” because how can they support a “racist” president, and it is used to suppress the support of anyone who wants Trump re-elected because they are supporting racists, therefore they must be racist, too.

Just read some of the comments on the Facebook page. As an example, one commenter uses the term “Republikkkan,” despite the history of the Democrat Party with the KKK.

This “racism is everywhere” narrative is fiction. “Racism” is a strong word which indicates “hatred.” 99% of people aren’t walking around with “hatred” in their heart for others. They simply don’t have the time or energy for this level of vitriol.

What the Left has done is turned “bias” into “racism.” Bias is actually a normal human emotion, one which we ALL share. Bias is probably an evolutionary device which helped humans survive, by having them band together to face unknown challenges or rival tribes or groups.

It is fine to work to expose and eliminate unconscious bias, but these biases are not “racist.”

Likewise, modern organizations like big-city police forces are not “systemically racist.” Not when they have sensitivity training, a large percentage of minority officers, and many are run by minorities. (And if they were, wouldn’t the Democrat Party be responsible, since so many of these cities are run by them?) So the Left has to ignore or even sacrifice dedicated professionals who happen to be Black in order to advance their narrative. The media then downplays the race of these leaders because most people would see the obvious inconsistency.

Neither is our “criminal justice system.” There are logical, alternative explanations besides racism for why certain ethnic groups have higher arrest or incarceration rates. To get to the root of the problem is not to blame the police or criminal-justice system, but to understand and fix the underlying problems, which are likely poverty, education, and economic opportunity. 

Voters are being given a rare chance to compare how the Left and the Right deal with the consequences of some of our problems as a country. The Right wants to preserve American capitalism, promote individual responsibility, and improve the lives of the poor through charter schools, opportunity zones, and a vibrant economy.

The Left wants to promote socialism, reduce police funding, release criminals without bail, slap the wrists of criminal defendants, and undermine the police by second-guessing their every move. They think “big government” is the solution, with them in charge of it, of course. But “big government” only empowers the people in power. “Governments” do not create wealth, they spend it. The way to succeed under Socialism is to join the Party and stifle dissent, not to create companies and wealth through private business.

I’ve been seeing more and more examples of the Left’s tactics as we approach the election. Articles about “racism” are making daily appearances, and calling President Trump a racist is the same. This week, despite dozens of explicit condemnations of “racism” and “White Supremacy” by President Trump in the past and even during the debate, the Globe and the media claim Trump is still a racist and hasn’t denounced racism. This is simply untrue.

But when Joe Biden repeats these false accusations, the media covers for him. And then out of the other side of their mouth, they wonder why our country is so partisan. They refuse to acknowledge their role, which has perhaps been the underlying cause. (This is another attempt to affect the election: Joe Biden will bring the country together while Donald Trump is tearing it apart. How did President Obama, the first Black president, manage to unite the country?)

I think this slur started with the Charlottesville riots, which Joe Biden and the Left have falsely used to peddle this narrative. During President Trump’s remarks where he said “both sides” were to blame, he made it 100% clear he was referring to people who were protesting the removal of statues. He explicitly condemned White Racism. Watch the video if you haven’t seen it and then try to understand why the Left wants to promote this false charge. (See our article from 2019 here:

Today’s Globe had five out of five stories on the Metro section’s front page (Page B1) mention or refer to Racism.

On the cover, the top story was about Trump’s racism, and there was a second racism story on the bottom of that page too. There were two more such stories on pages A4-A5.

I don’t know if seven stories on the covers or nine total stories about Republican racism in a single issue is a Boston Globe record, but let’s see if they can top it in the coming weeks.


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