Trump criticized for not taking action

Trump criticized for not taking action

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By: Allen Nitschelm on March 7, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Ex-Ukrainian president questioned
Date 02/29/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A7 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Andrew E. Kramer
Article Summary

Ukraine investigates its former President for treason.

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Bringing up President Donald Trump’s name and accusing him of being responsible for Ukrainian internal political affairs is ludicrous.

The Boston Globe can’t wait to find an angle critical of President Trump, and today they are accusing him of not preventing Ukraine from investigating its former president for treason. In other words, Trump should have intervened in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

So for not getting involved, Trump is at fault.

Had Trump intervened, this article would have quoted several anonymous sources criticizing Trump for meddling in another country’s internal affairs (a country at war! With lives at stake!) and wondering if this was some sort of payback for the Ukraine fiasco that led to the impeachment hoax.

Whether the former President (Poroshenko) deserves to be investigated is immaterial, and the article does not seriously address the charges, only that people in the European Union are upset that Donald Trump didn’t do more to prevent this potential travesty.

Investigating rivals came up during the impeachment hearings, when Ambassador George Kent suggested to the Ukrainians that it was bad politics to go after the losers in an election, and the Ukrainians allegedly brought up Trump going after Joe Biden as a rebuttal. If it is good enough for the U.S., it is good enough for Ukraine.

But actually, investigating obvious corruption is definitely not off anyone’s table. It happens rarely in the U.S. because most people play by the rules. But we’ve had plenty of political prosecutions, and the Bidens certainly seem to be a good example of the need for such an investigation. Several Biden family members have made millions of dollars off of connections to Joe Biden.

And whether Poroshenko did something wrong or not in Ukraine is not for us to decide or get involved in.


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