Unmasking hypocrisy

Unmasking hypocrisy

PE Bias Grade : D

By: Allen Nitschelm on March 14, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Security contractor recruits ex-spies to help infiltrate liberal groups
Date 03/08/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A13 )
Syndicated From New York Times
Journalist Adam Goldman
Mark Mazzetti
Article Summary

Article details contacts between Trump administration and conservative website which conducts investigative reporting of Liberals groups and Democrats.

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Project Veritas is a conservative website which does investigative journalism. It is backed by conservatives and Trump supporters, so it naturally targets Liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Democratic Party, labor union groups, etc.

Their most effective investigations have included undercover operatives who interview people in these organizations and get them to admit their hypocrisy. Often, the conclusions are something like “do as we say, not as we do.”

This Boston Globe article, syndicated from the New York Times, tries to confuse readers about this organization, making it sound like what they are doing is wrong or illegal. It is as wrong and illegal as investigative reporting done by the New York Times and the Boston Globe. This article is another example of Liberal hypocrisy. Only Liberals can investigate Conservatives, not the other way around.

That the people at Project Veritas get trained by professionals is not at all surprising. I don’t think getting past the various gatekeepers in order to go undercover is something that most people are naturally good at. It probably takes training and practice.

There have been many changes to journalism, most of them very bad. First, the economic model that supported good journalism has disappeared. Most newspapers (where most journalists at least used to be employed) have not found a way yet to effectively compete with the Internet, so newspapers are paring staff and closing down. And as I have documented on this page, our major media newspapers have become affiliates of the Democrat Party, trying to directly participate in the removal of the elected President. Once that attempted failed–twice–they are now trying to hurt President Trump by any means possible to convince voters that we should turn to Socialism to solve our problems. And we can do that with an absentee President who is starting to suffer from cognitive issues even before being elected. What happens if Joe Biden becomes President and his mental state continues to deteriorate? Will Democrats who are pretending he is fine be forced to keep up that pretense? Instead of the Emperor having no clothes, he is going to have no mind.

But one good change to journalism is there is now an essentially free way to distribute your news to the vast majority of Americans. All you need is an Internet connection and some followers. And then social media can spread your message to millions.

Project Veritas is a good example of a new type of journalism that can operate in the “free media” market, and its reporting, while inherently biased, is valuable, the attempts to smear their name and reputation notwithstanding.

This article tries to tie the Trump administration to a consultant hired by Project Veritas. I’d like the Boston Globe to disclose all of the contacts it has had with the Elizabeth Warren campaign, how the paper and the campaign colluded to report her DNA results and “exonerated” her by claiming she received no benefit to her Native American ancestry claims, and how these types of interactions with a prospective Presidential nominee are not at a lower level than any Trump administration affiliates had with Project Veritas or one of their consultants.


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