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By: Allen Nitschelm on August 16, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title A nonstop campaign
Date 08/16/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist James Pindell
Victoria McGrane
Article Summary

Boston Globe reviews Trump campaign rally in Manchester, NH.

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The Boston Globe wrote an article about the Trump campaign rally in Manchester, NH. The article didn’t have a photo of the large crowd (estimated at over 20,000, plus thousands more outside), nor did it mention the crowd in the article itself. The size of the crowd is an indication of President Trump’s popularity, or the commitment of his supporters. Either way, it is a fact that the two reporters covering the event should have reported (if they were trying to be fair, that is.)

There is a biased statement. The reporters claim that Trump contradicted himself on dealing with China and imposing tariffs. “‘I never said China was going to be easy,’ he added, contradicting a statement he made in March 2018 that trade wars ‘are easy to win.'”

Those two statements are not contradictory. A policy may be difficult to implement and even cause pain, but that doesn’t mean that the eventual victory wasn’t easy. Painful perhaps.

But my main criticism of today’s review is a relatively mild one. President Trump has accomplished many things, despite an intrusive witchhunt related to a false accusation of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. I won’t list his many accomplishments, but Trump has gotten more done than several recent Republican presidents.

And yet he has the time, energy, and skill to campaign like a madman. He was on stage for over an hour, and was pretty entertaining. He demonstrates a vigor that most candidates do not have, and certainly few on the Democrat side possess. He is drawing large crowds, he is extremely popular with his base, and I suspect his general premise that many voters that may not like him really have no choice but to vote to reelect him is true. Who is going to vote for higher taxes, a government takeover of the healthcare industry, a government takeover of the energy industry, open borders, and cancelling trillions of dollars in debt? The Democrats are offering an economic meltdown scenario.

So my criticism is that the headline is poor. Trump isn’t campaigning non-stop. But the way he works the crowds, the media, and his opponents, it must feel like he is…to the Left.


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