Warren Non-Report #221-2019

Warren Non-Report #221-2019

PE Bias Grade : F

By: Allen Nitschelm on August 11, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Warren lags other candidates on a plan for gun control
Date 08/08/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A11 )
Syndicated From N/A
Journalist Jess Bidgood
Article Summary

Boston Globe covers Elizabeth Warren’s lack of gun control proposals.

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It’s been days…days! Since the Boston Globe has run a Warren Report, and the natives are getting restless. So today’s offering appears on page 11, and is, like a Seinfeld episode, about nothing. In this case, it is Warren’s lack of position paper on gun control. When Warren issues a policy, it makes the front page of the Globe. When Warren doesn’t issue a policy, that is put on page 11. But don’t despair…you can be sure a policy is coming right around the corner. (“That is likely to change by this weekend.”)

Warren is not the Democratic leader, but we learn later on that Joe Biden hasn’t proposed a policy yet either. So why the non-policy article isn’t about the front-runner is because the Globe wants to write about Warren, not Biden. Biden is of the male-gender persuasion, so the Globe doesn’t support him, not unless he is the only candidate remaining against the Nazi-in-Chief.

Please, Senator Warren, tell us about how you are going to keep guns out of the hands of crazy Trump supporters so we can send you a couple of bucks to keep your campaign going!


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