Where’s my Warren Report?

Where’s my Warren Report?

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By: Allen Nitschelm on April 2, 2019 | Media Criticism

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It’s Monday, and no Warren Report in the Boston Globe. What gives?

The Globe was running an almost daily Warren Report for months and months. If it wasn’t Warren, it was someone she mentored, it was a college giving her a degree, it was her dog, it was her campaign manager, it was something.

Interspersed were several big reveals, the first being the Boston Globe’s attempt at total exoneration for having falsely claimed Native American heritage. The Globe did an exhaustive report and investigation to prove there was no collusion…whoops, wrong report. They proved that professors hiring Warren did not do so based on any Native American claims. I thought their research information was good, even as they admitted that gender did play a helping hand in her hirings as a law professor over the years. But “hiring” is not the same thing as “employment.” Did Elizabeth Warren receive any preferential treatment or did the colleges get any benefit from her being a listed minority member? That is a much harder thing to disprove and the Globe didn’t even try, even as they have since concluded she received “no benefit.” This is very likely a false conclusion.

The second big reveal was her DNA test, which showed a very small percentage of what may be American Indian blood, going back several generations, up to ten. This didn’t confirm her story, it overturned it. She has less Indian blood than the average American and the stories about her parents having to elope because of prejudice against Indians are absurd.

In these two reveals, the Globe didn’t act like a group of journalists, it acted like a PR agency. Obvious questions weren’t asked or if asked, weren’t investigated when the answers were avoided.

Since then, we had a new mini-reveal with a similar lack of journalistic vigor. Warren claimed that she was no longer going to seek campaign donations at parties of wealthy donors because she wanted a grass-roots fundraising operation. This is a pretty transparent strategy to avoid fundraising comparisons with her primary opponents, but the Globe carried the Senator’s water on this claim too, so it wouldn’t be readily apparent to everyone that Warren’s campaign was in trouble and her support was dying on the vine.

Over the weekend, one of the Warren campaign’s official biographers, who ostensibly works for the Globe as a reporter, wrote an article on President Trump. Have the two reporters attached to the Warren campaign been pulled from their beat?

It would seem so. Which means the Globe has abandoned Warren already. Hmm…how come there is no editorial urging Warren to drop out because she has been mortally wounded? How come no soul-searching article about voters who reluctantly can’t support Warren any longer? How is Bailey, Warren’s dog, reacting to this change of fortune?

The Globe needs to turn its Spotlight team onto what happened to the Warren Report.


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