Who have defied a court order

Who have defied a court order

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By: Allen Nitschelm on July 14, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Amid raid threat, fearful immigrants brace for the worst
Date 07/13/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
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Journalist Maria Cramer
Article Summary

Illegal immigrants fear ICE raids, deporting those who have ignored a court order to leave.

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“Who have defied a court order.”

Those six words were missing from the Boston Globe story at several key locations, in order to create the false narrative that the Trump administration is doing something illegal or immoral in regards to its law enforcement activities. The Globe and illegal immigration advocates are trying to portray the President, Republicans, and their allies as heartless. They needlessly and cruelly break up families who are just looking for a better life, you see. And, therefore, you need to vote for whoever the Democrats nominate to challenge Trump in 2020. (Please God, let it be Chief Warren.)

These illegal immigrants have been falsely claiming asylum. Something like 10% of asylum claims are ever approved by our courts, so claimants make their claims, are released into the U.S., and are supposed to return for their hearing. Whether they return or not is immaterial, because once a judge denies their claim, they are supposed to leave the country. Period.

By leaving out those six words, the media is trying to confuse readers. They are also trying to make the case that we really only should be deporting illegal immigrants who commit other crimes while here. If someone keeps their nose clean, they should be left alone, regardless of the judge’s ruling. In other words, it is not illegal to be illegal and it is not illegal to ignore deportation orders.

What this does to our justice system is quite damaging, but when you pair it with the “low level” offenses that some DAs are now dismissing (Rachel Rollins in Suffolk County is our local poster child) we could have illegal immigrants who, say, are non-violent drug dealers who would never get deported because their crimes are “victimless.” So once they sneak in, make a false asylum claim, or overstay their visa, the Democrats and their media allies would allow them to stay forever. Unless they kill or rape someone. Then, maybe, their court-appointed lawyer can tie the case up for several months at taxpayer’s expense before we deport them.

These “low-level” illegal immigrants will thus get special protection, because we have various places that are self-declared “sanctuary” cities and we now don’t let ICE agents near courtrooms because that might discourage illegal immigrants from going to court. Fear of a lawful arrest is now something the state will protect certain people from, so will this new policy be extended to American citizens as well? What about citizens who fear bill collectors? Citizens who don’t want to get served by officers of the court? I’m afraid of being stopped by the police for speeding. Can I use that fear to argue I don’t need to pull over? Protecting people from fear over the consequences of their own actions makes no sense, not if you are going to uphold the rule of law.

This situation, with the Liberals complaining about “raids” of illegal immigrants who have defied a court order should now be seen as an extension of the “open borders” argument, which is an extension of the “human right” to live in the U.S. no matter where you are from.

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