With friends like these…

With friends like these…

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By: Allen Nitschelm on October 11, 2020 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Racist rant allegedly directed at teens
Date 10/10/2020
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page B2 )
Syndicated From N/A
Journalist Laura Crimaldi
Article Summary

An officer is accused of racism for speaking within the privacy of her home.

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There was a very weird story in the Saturday Boston Globe. A police officer in her home in Westwood has been accused of harassing her teenager’s two friends who were over watching TV. There is the suggestion that the officer may have been drinking and had a physical altercation with her husband. The officer has been accused of racism by the Boston Globe for what she said in the privacy of her own home.

I can see when an officer is outside, perhaps running chores, and acts in a manner inconsistent with her duties on the force. But then she is in public, and the citizens might want their officers to uphold certain standards, even when off-duty. But in one’s own home?

It makes me wonder, did she drink in front of these teenagers? That might also be an actionable offense, akin to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Did she smoke? Was she wearing her uniform or did she have on leisure attire? Hopefully nothing too revealing, because that could be sexual harassment.

It so happens that one of the complaining teen visitors has a mother who is an attorney, so naturally this has been escalated into a Major Incident with press coverage in the Boston Globe, undoubtedly arranged by the teen’s Mom, who was interviewed on WCVB-TV.

The Globe covered this story because they see it checks off a couple of boxes: racist police officer, Black and Hispanic victim. Oh, and the cop allegedly complained about defunding the police and Black Lives Matter protesters. So she was a bad cookie that must be punished, and the Globe has now done quite a number on her.

The visiting boys were around 14 and were obviously distressed, but the right course of action is for the visiting-teens’ parents to seek an apology for the poor behavior of the host and if that is not forthcoming, don’t allow the kids to go back. But putting the officer’s livelihood on the line for private conduct seems to cross a line that we shouldn’t cross, even if the alleged speech was offensive.

There was nothing criminal that happened, but the article suggests that “assault” and “hate crime” charges could be pressed.  They also had the Department of Children and Families called, so they could investigate the parents and perhaps take their children away.

Talk about demoralizing the police. Maybe the Black Lives Matter movement should insist that officers’ homes be bugged so activists can listen to everything an officer says in case there is something perceived as racist. And don’t turn the mics off during sleep, when one’s true feelings might come out in a dream.

This article should not be covered in the newspaper. It is sensationalizing an unfortunate incident to push a narrative of police racism and young Black and Hispanic men as victims.

Another article elsewhere covering this topic reported that the lawyer indicated the families had been friends for years.

With friends like these…


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