Yay! A new Warren Report (#101-2019)

Yay! A new Warren Report (#101-2019)

PE Bias Grade : C-

By: Allen Nitschelm on April 11, 2019 | Article Review

This is a review of the following Boston Globe Article:
Article Title Warren raises $6m in quarter
Date 04/11/2019
Article Link Boston Globe ( Page A1 )
Syndicated From N/A
Journalist Liz Goodwin
Article Summary

Update on Democrat fundraising with Warren’s quarterly total in the middle of the pack.

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Innuendo passes as journalism these days, as reporters smear President Trump with anonymous sources. Since the media is now partisan, using anonymous sources is a real problem. How can readers trust such reporting when the writers and publishers are conflicted?

The other side of this coin is the positive reporting when the media supports a candidate. Today, the Globe asserts in the subhead that despite Warren’s very middling fundraising quarter, concerns have now been “eased” that Warren would not raise enough money. Here is the exact quote: “Middle of the pack total eases concerns about forgoing big donors.” Globe readers can now breath a sigh of relief as the Globe has confirmed that the Warren campaign is still alive. The Native Daughter is on the warpath!

But whose concerns have been eased (besides the Globe writers and editors)? Who believes that Warren now has a clear path to the Democrat nomination, other than her handlers and sycophants at the Boston Globe?

Read into the story and this claim of “eased concerns” is a mirage. “The senator’s $6 million haul from 135,000 donors puts her near the back of the pack of top-tier Democratic candidates but is enough to keep her extensive operation afloat — a development that probably will ease the concerns of some allies who worried her first-quarter totals would be dismal after she decided to forgo courting wealthy donors.” (emphases mine).

So don’t be concerned, Cherokee Warriors for Warren, that your Chief is “near” the back of the pack.

Instead, her huge cash haul will “probably” ease your concerns. Do you feel better yet?

You see, the article actually quotes nobody whose concerns have been eased, yet the headline said that they were eased. And the article says that they “probably” will be eased.

Talk about spinning bad news. Well, that’s why campaign handlers like Boston Globe Reporter Liz Goodwin gets the big bucks.

The article then quotes a few Warren current and former campaign staffers. And then the final quote is from a former Obama campaign manager who says that forgoing big donors is going to be very challenging this election season because large states have become battleground states early on. That doesn’t sound too good for Warren’s fundraising strategy, does it? Maybe Warren supporters should be concerned.

On a side note, the Globe finally reports that Warren’s Finance Director resigned. It doesn’t say when this happened, which was about 10 days ago. Here is our article about the Globe’s lack of coverage: https://ma.publiceditorpress.com/boston-globe-hides-breaking-warren-news/

Because they did finally report this news, I’ll upgrade this Warren Report’s rating slightly.


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